3 Inch 1800’s Art Nouveau Art Nouveau Style Number Stencils 0 to 9


1800’s Art Nouveau number stencil design. A set of 0 to 9 numbers are included in this 3 inch Art Nouveau style numbers.

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A free printable template of the 1800’s Art Nouveau number stencil design is available below. Tired of tracing and cutting stencils by hand?.

You can order a professional 3 inch stencil which includes free shipping. Great for painting door numbers, mail box numbers, boat registration numbers and much more!.

Price: $37 for 3 inch size which includes the following numbers. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7, 8 and 9 number designs.

Free shipping included!.

1800’s Art Nouveau number stencils are available in the following sizes:

Enjoy using our number stencils for all your art's and crafts projects, scrapbooking, DIY painting and more!

For ready made stencils cut and shipped to your order, please visit our number stencil shop!

1/2″ inch / 1″ inch / 1½” inch / 2″ inch / 2½” inch / 3″ inch / 4″ inch / 5″ inch / 6″ inch / 7″ inch / 8″ inch / 9″ inch / 10″ inch / 11″ inch / 12″ inch.

Buy now and enjoy using professionally cut 1800’s Art Nouveau stencils on sturdy and re-usable material. Stencil details and shipping information.

Prefer to make a DIY stencil ? You can download a free printable copy of 1800’s Art Nouveau number stencil design here.

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